The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 132 – Keep Your Shoes On

Full title:
132-Dave Kisses Dusty Goodbye, Ian Keeps His Shoes On Because He’s Not A Monster, And We Rehash The Carstanza Hashtag

Coming home. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting back into your car after a long trip. You kiss your fingers, touch the headliner, and pray that it starts. It’s refreshing being back on home turf, and in this episode, we discuss that feeling.

Speaking of turf, there is a little matter that needs discussing; what one should do when in the vicinity of a Carstanza. Rule 1-Take a pic. Rule 2-Do not approach. Rule 3-Send it to us so that we can have mental breakdowns in a blanket fort while you watch.

Lastly, Dave discusses his plans, or lack thereof, for Dusty Rusty, may he spool eternal boost on the big highway in the sky.

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