133-Ian Gets Hit, Dave Gets A Gift, And We Don’t Look Back. Because We Can’t.

Episode 133 – Seriously, it’s like looking through a child’s Batman mask.

Ian discusses something that we’ve all known for a long time, but we’ve never quite articulated it like this before: Just because something is awful doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun or that we wouldn’t do it again. People, we present the rental spec Dodge Challenger R/T. Just remember to queue the guitar solo, rip the sleeves off of your sport coat, and put the hammer down.

The main topic of the show centers on a recent tragedy having to do with a pedestrian and an autonomous car. The problem is huge, all encompassing, and requires the widest possible view when crafting solutions. That said, as automotive enthusiasts, let’s make sure that we’re seen as partners, not the combative crazy people that make hyperbolic claims instead.

Unlike the Dodge Challenger’s rear view, we need to continue looking back as we look forward. If we fail to do so, we won’t be able to reach a future where we’ve eliminated all of the risk that we realistically can.

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