The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 140 – Ian Eats The Rich, Dave the Taffy

Full title:
140-Ian Wants To Eat The Rich, Dave Can Finally Come To A Complete Stop, And We Remember the Chrysler ME FourTwelve

Very few things make Ian rage as much as rich youths. Thankfully, because this is a car show, the angry man in his mid-thirties, yep, mid (Dave wrote this description) channeled his energy into an FMKCars.

Speaking of FMKCars, thanks Nick @radmobilegaming for sending in a great one, in which we were reminded of the fascinating Chrysler ME FourTwelve! It’s a shame that one never got made. May it motor along in concept-only car heaven with the Ford GT-90 and Dodge Copperhead.

A couple garage updates, a rental car tale, and a dorky tweet by the CEO of Uber round out this episode. Thanks for watching!

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