141-Dave Won’t Get Off His Horse, Ian Falls For A Curvy Italian, And We Talk About Our Moms

Episode 141-Horses, high.

Well good news everyone, Dave’s still on his F1 high horse and we’ll be honest, hold your slow claps, it’s exhausting. That as it may be, his pithiness may be more entertaining than the latest EFFONE race.

Ian falls hard when Dave provides him with a new object of his affection in a beautiful round of FMKCars that was birthed from very very very VERY specific Google searches. That paves way to our urgent need for more car news in non-car stories. If a 83 Toyota Cressida was involved in a bizarre crime, then dang it, we need, nay DESERVE to know about it!

Also, Rolls Royce pretends to be Lincoln for a bit, in that they didn’t make us mad, they just disappointed us. Speaking of letting down your elders, we recorded this episode on Mother’s Day. We share stories about our moms, the cars they drove, and the music that they listened to, Manilow and otherwise.

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