121-Dave Sees A Strange Snack, Ian Is A Bad Car Parent, And We Give Leafy Advice

Episode 121-Proof

Math shows up more than you’d think on our TeamClearCoat automotive podcast. Whether it’s Dave’s “Tetanus Math” or our “Sticker Proximity Index”, equations work their way into our lives and thus our cars. We constantly seek structure to justify the world we see with reason and logic, and on this week’s show we pull out all the stops.

Here’s your homework, and be sure to show your proofs: Add one VW and one battery on the store shelf, full of potential (energy), and see what is to the right of the equals sign. Remember to carry the despair. Let’s add a ginger and a Dodge Power wagon and witness the resultant bliss.

While we deploy logic at a moment’s notice, there’s some things that still defy it. Why ramen? Why that sticker with that sticker? Why stickers to begin with? Why are you enjoying that beverage at this very moment in this very (mobile) place? You can’t solve them all folks.

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