120-Ian Detests The Young, Dave Sees Some Shame Scars, And We Need Bail After Installing Coilovers On A Stranger’s Venza

Episode 120-The cookie the cookie…the beast

We kick this episode off by Ian giving himself to Dave – in cookie form. In addition to Dave eating that cookie, Ian gives us insight into how that cookie reacts to suspicious reactions to said cookie’s jokes. Wait…who’s the cookie again? Anyway, we digress.

In an interesting turn of events, Ian did detective work!!! While we now have answers, we’re still not sure where we land on the results. Also, we move from being on the just side of the law to a scenario that would FOR SURE put us on the wrong side, despite it being noble car enthusiast work.

Speaking of noble car enthusiast work, aka hot takes, we look at the new Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghinis that look a million times better than the Urus, and shame scars on cars.

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