119-Dave Plays Vega In A Vega, Ian Faces Himself Six Times Over, And We Discuss Nostalgia. Again.

Episode 119-That’s a lot of scowling….

Did you know that you can tell how unreliable a person’s car is from looking at their refrigerator? Yep! Dusty Rusty is personally responsible for about 3 square feet of real estate on Dave’s fridge.

So let’s talk about other stuff we know. We know that nostalgia can be bad news when it’s in the wrong hands. Weaponized reminiscence impedes progress and we need to be aware of that.

We also know that we’re late. We’re late delivering news in regard to magic electric and potentially flying cars and we’re late in coming to the realization that Ian and 5 other Ians is um…..bad. Yeah.

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