155-Ian Will Find Your Limited Edition LP Box Sets, Dave Turns Around On A Leopard, And Neither Of Us Are Bad2Bone

Episode 155-He’s like an bomb-sniffing dog for costly online purchases.

When inviting Ian into your home, if there happens to be a limited edition LP boxed set, guess what? IAN GONNA FIND IT. If there was any attempt to hide it, you can bet it’s going to be found.

On to the car topics! Listeners, let’s um…listen to Dave lament about the Viggen failing emissions testing. Again. On an upnote, Ian had a rental that he really liked, and we’ve seen some STUFF. Also Ian hates Toto, so there’s CLEARLY something wrong with him.

Much like a Tesla Model 3 bumper filled with rain water, we’ve also unhinged ourselves from our mounting brackets and gone off the rails.

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