157-Ian Gets His Brain Tickled By A Nissan, Dave Displays Empathy For A Coal-based Misconception, And We Find A Vanity Plate That We Actually Like

Episode 157-Coal Rolls

There’s some surprises in this episode of the TeamClearCoat Podcast. First, we discuss how much fun we had in Nissan’s hopped-up golf kart. After all, tire squeal plus car equals fun, no matter the propulsion system. Another surpirse was our affinity for a huge Subaru, this one really caught us off guard, but hey, if you can move seven people with a smile on your face, then it is a welcome surprise indeed.

Want to know what wasn’t a surprise? The end result of Ian getting shoved into a Dodge Journey, like an angry house cat getting shoved into a pet carrier in preparation for a vet appointment. Claws exposed, fur hackled, and ire on high, Ian fills the blanket fort with his cloud of Journey-inspired criticism.

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