192-Ian Dresses Dave, Dave Dresses Ian, And We Play Ian’s Most Hated FMKCars Ever. Ever.

Episode 192-At least he didn’t say tube tops.

There’s a quite morbidity about a decaying, neglected, and no longer used factory. There’s a quietness to it. Sadness in the stillness of an era that has long since passed. Wow. Trust me, this show is not as much of a downer as those Smiths-caliber sentences portray. Trust us.

We actually had a really good time this episode. Well, Dave did at least. Ian…not so much. It turns out that the less fabric that adorns his body, the less happy he is. Huh. How about that. You’re going to want to stick around and listen to that one unfold.

Lastly, if you’re anywhere near Denver on Tuesday June 18th, you should come to Unser and participate in the All You Can Race event with us, where we’ll be hosting over two hours of racing and then recording episode 200 in front of you, the live studio audience! Come watch us, race with us, and have a good old time! You can buy tickets here: https://unserkarting.com/event/teamclearcoat-episode-200-presented-by-hagerty/ To access the presale, use the password “TeamClearCoat”. We’re really excited about this and we’d love for you to join us!

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