193-Ian Somehow Thinks A Saab 9-7x Is A Good Idea, Dave Does Crash Analytics, And We Clean Out Ian’s Camera Roll

Episode 193-I mean, it’s just a Trailblazer.

If you really want to get exactly what you want, it’s going to take some work. And money. Usually a fair amount of money. In this week’s episode we appreciate the individual that perfected the Buick station wagon. It took a lot of work, but the results are nothing short of stunning.

We also turn our eyes to a wrecked Allroad, and try to put together the pieces of the now sadly impacted puzzle. Ooooof.

Lastly, Dave once again finds himself as the sane half of the podcast as Ian suddenly takes a liking to the Saab 9-7x. Yeah, we don’t know either, maybe something got mixed in with Ian’s hair product this week and is making him think a little funny.

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