197-We Get Our Hands On A Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid!

Episode 197

The Chrysler Pacifica is many things: a minivian, A hybrid vehicle, a nice place to be. More than anything however, it is one specific thing: a belt sander that takes every rough edge that life throws at you and smooths it down to a pleasant, easy-to-handle shape. In this episode we discuss the minivan we love so much and what it’s like to handle said shapes after they’ve been Pacifica-fied.

We really enjoyed our time with this minivan, it inspired some great discussion and perspectives between us for this episode. We also reflected on the times and ways minivans impacted our lives, from family vacations to driving exams to one of us (Ian) getting it stuck in a ditch from drifts gone awry.

Did I really need to mention that was Ian that got a van stuck? No. No I didn’t. Big thanks to FCA and Rocky Mountain Redline for issuing the vehicle to us for the week. We hope this episode reflects our adoration of this fantastic and capable vehicle.

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