69-Ian Is Uncomfortable, Dave Has Loud Feelings, And We Stab A Fork Into Our Thigh Just To Feel SOMETHING

Episode 69-Zeees hair, iz all yours? Is nice!

Ian has an uncomfortable interaction; well…all of his interactions are uncomfortable so this was par for the course. Anyway, moving from discomfort to our happy places, SNOW HAS FALLEN AND WE CAN HAZ ALL THE DRIFTING!!! Dave and Ian discuss the differences between their two cars’ handling in snow and we uncover an odd surprise about Ian. To that end, we discuss the ideal ballast for Dave’s trunk and how having a V8 means that Dave doesn’t need a handbrake lever to have fun. The flip side to our happy coin is that carcake season has returned. Sigh…

While we’re going down our sad carcake rabbit hole, we discuss the awful trend of people throwing non-OEM badges on their cars and how upset this makes Dave. That’s how you make a ginger divide by zero folks, it’s his kryptonite.

Somehow, and we have no idea how, but we managed to correlate Wynona Ryder’s shoplifting incident from waaaaay back to a Chevy Malibu. Go ahead and read that again, I had to just to make sure it was real. While we’re getting weird, we recast Marvel’s Avengers and make them even more awesome.

We at TeamClearCoat hope you have a great time over the holidays. Eat some gravy, don’t ask why the table cloths are hard to clean, and remember that we love you.

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