69a-The TeamClearCoat Annual Performance Review

Episode 69a-This doesn’t sound good…

Hey: TeamClearCoat! Step into my office, it’s time for your annual performance review.

Now, don’t get me wrong: you did some great stuff this year. “Big strong man?” Classic! Your interviews? Surprisingly not terrible! Dave ahem…relieving himself in a fie… well, HR will talk to you about that one later.

What I want to discuss today are some areas where, let’s say, you need improvement. The TCC Book Club? What happened there? And your in-car audio quality during your “very special episodes” could use some attention in the coming year.

So, overall, not bad enough for you to be fired from the Internet, but, you know, stop slacking. Now, get out of here. You’re almost late for your appointment with HR.

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